Matthew Campi

Matthew has over 20 years experience in property development and construction, in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Following the completion of a Bachelors Degree in Planning & Design (Property & Construction) at Melbourne University, Matthew has spent his career in the industry with his property development and construction companies.

Matthew holds an Unlimited Registered Building Practitioners license (DBU) and has spent 15 years managing his family owned construction company focused on specialised property repairs and building works for the insurance industry. Campi Developments has run in conjunction with this construction company, undertaking property development projects within the same company group.

With a meticulous eye for detail and passion for quality, Matthew has successfully delivered over 70 new dwellings in his career, managing both the development of the projects, as well as coordinating the construction process as Project Manager for each build.

Simon Campi

Simon has spent his life in the construction industry, managing his construction company specialising in property repairs & building works for the insurance industry. His breadth of experience and knowledge of the construction industry is second to none.

First commencing business in 1972, Simon holds an Unlimited Registered Building Practitioners license, both domestic and commercial, (DBU/CBU) and has held his membership with the Master Builders Association of Victoria since 1976.

Simon undertook his first property development in 1979 and has continued developing real estate ever since, delivering over 145 dwellings throughout his career, in conjunction with operating his building maintenance and repair company.

Simon has an ability to see potential opportunities in development sites that most cannot recognize enabling him to create unique opportunities with difficult sites.